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I always wanted to be a Soldier for as long as I can remember. I liked the idea of protecting and defending those who could not protect or defend themselves. So, at the tender age of 19 I embarked on my lifelong dream and left for Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. While in the military it strengthened the work ethic, personal responsibility and integrity instilled in me by my parents. The last eleven years before I retired, I served as a Counterintelligence Agent (cool name but not the 007 stuff you would expect). While performing that job I learned a lot about security both personal and physical. I knew that I would be happy in some type of job that would keep me in the security field. I found that in the alarm industry. I have worked in the alarm business specifically since 2012 when I started work as a government contractor, installing and fixing all types of security equipment from entry control devices, intrusion detection devices, cameras, and the whole computer network that supported the whole system. It was a great job but required a lot of overseas travel. I started looking at ways to stay in security without having to travel so much. I took a position with Teksystems that had me subcontracted to ADT. I finally found my niche.... Home security and automation. As I worked for ADT, I found a desire to open my own business so I could help customers as I saw fit with my own brand of customer service and work integrity. To that end I started Martin Security Services. I look forward to working with you on solving all your security and smart home solution.

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Protecting Your Peace of Mind
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