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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all your consultations FREE? Collapse

Yes, our consultation for your home or business is no charge. We will provide you with a detailed estimate.

What is included in the consultation? Expand

We come to your home or business and measure the actual square footage, how many points of entry, any obstructions that may hinder camera views. We will present you with a list of products that will work for your needs.

If we purchase a system or cameras from a store can we have those installed Expand

Yes, absolutely. We can come out and install your equipment and show you how to work it.

What if my home is hardwired already? Expand

We can take over that existing equipment, and add to it.

Do you offer monitoring services? Expand

Yes, we have a company that does our monitoring for us.

How does the internet speed affect the system? Expand

Each camera installed will use about 3mb of speed.

What happens if we lose power? Expand

The system has battery backup for 24 hours.

What discounts do you offer? Expand

We offer a 10% discount on labor for Military and First Responders.

Do you remove old equipment? Expand

Yes, we have a recycle program that we offer. If we can not reuse old equipment we will remove it and you will receive a credit on the install.

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